Banks and financial institutions need call recording not just to ensure their risk and liability exposure is limited, but also for regulatory compliance.


Virtually every business has some form of call centre functionality even if voice contact is not you primary communication channel.


All healthcare providers need to maintain records to reduce liability ensuring regulatory compliance imposed by government bodies and adhere to regulations.

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CommSoft Dialer

Call Metrics Dashboard

CommSoft has introduced a series of new online dashboards for telephone systems ensuring remote teams and user call performance remains visible for all team leaders, managers, supervisors, and staff wherever they are working. Configure dashboards to show critical data including leaderboards and an unreturned call list ensuring every call is responded to by gaining visibility of any calls that have not been answered or dealt with.

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Working from Home

Coronavirus or not, the key to working from home has become very clear, more than ever before with the mandatory requirement of having to work from home different forms of communication are now essential. As we are all finding out the need to communicate efficiently by voice with your boss, supervisor, colleagues, suppliers, and your customers is now a major part of almost every employee’s daily life. We are just not able to have one to one or group discussion without social distancing.

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CommsOffice Web

Lastest Addition – CommsOffice Web

The latest addition to the CommsOffice range now includes CommsOffice Web. CommsOffice Web complements the existing CommsOffice client-server range of applications. A single application server with web services provides browser access, which significantly simplifies deployment, user access and ongoing support. Users can now access telephone system analytics and performance related data from anywhere with internet access.

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CommSoft Dialer

Easy & Efficient PC Dialling – CommSoft Dialer

The CommSoft Dialer enables you to easily and efficiently dial telephone numbers from your PC screen. Calls can be dialled from any Windows application displaying a telephone number including numbers on web pages displayed in a browser.

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