We define a call center as any group of two or more people that make or take calls that are important to their business. How can you ensure your business is delivering an excellent customer service experience?

So you have; some good products or services, some competent experienced staff, a computer system and a telephone system, you may already have a call or contact centre. But how do you ensure that these elements are running as an efficient business unit delivering the best possible customer service?

Virtually every business has some form of call centre functionality even if voice contact is not you primary communication channel. At some point be it; pre-sales, post-sales or support and service, voice communication is a necessary requirement.

The ability to monitor and measure performance of voice communication is vital. You need to know how your users/agents are coping with and handling calls, responding to variations in work load and are meeting required levels of performance. Make sure your telephone system is configured to meet the volumes and types of call traffic. Measurement of key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as; answer times, abandonment rates, group and agent call counts, group overflows are necessary

The CommsOfficeTM range of software products provides analytical call data in an integrated range of easy to use, powerful modular applications. It is possible to address monitoring, reporting and recording of all aspects of voice communication. Because the products are modular and built on a common SQL industry standard database this means they can scale from the simplest small business, medium, large or distributed multi-site organisations.

Office Xpress – provides call logging and expanded scheduled historic reporting – read more

Office Pro – provides live user, agent & group monitoring, scheduled agent, group and system performance historic reporting including definable service level (SLA) reporting – read more

Office Voice – provides scalable fully automated voice recording archiving and scheduled historic reporting – read more

Office CTI – provides integration boosting efficiency and reducing call handling times – read more