Call recording used to be solely the preserve of larger enterprises but today businesses of all sizes can see the value of investing in call recording technology in order to improve customer service, train their staff, resolve commercial disputes and in many cases adhere to compliance standards.

Questions to be asked:

  • Does your industry regulator require voice recording/capture?
  • Does your organisation achieve significant transaction volumes/value via the telephone?
  • Does your organisation offer professional advice over the telephone?
  • Are your staff subject to verbal abuse from callers?
  • Does your regulator stipulate a minimum retention period for voice/data records?
  • What is the maximum time period during which a typical business may be subject to dispute or error checking?
  • What proportion of calls received/originated from your organisation carry a risk of dispute and/or statutory record keeping?
  • Do you need to practice ‘blanket’ recording?
  • If voice transactions may be used in evidence, can you guarantee voice record quality?
  • What level of legal/commercial risk do unrecorded voice transactions present to your organisation?
  • Are voice transactions a significant/growing element of your business processes?
  • Can call quality be competitive differentiator?
  • Can voice recording capture data that would be lost with a conventional on site or on-line CRM system?

CommsOffice Voice Recorders are cost effective, flexible and feature rich whilst remaining easy to use. Whatever the type or size of business there is an Office Voice recorder solution to fit. Easy, fast searching and playback of recordings, advanced features such as agent screen recording and QC scoring, PCI DSS compliance for card payment system, application integration with CRM systems, call management reporting with one click playback of calls from reports.