Office Pro extends the capabilities of Office Xpress to include ‘live’ real-time; caller, user/agent and group information, traditionally only available in larger formal call/contact centres, but now within the reach of any business improving efficiency, driving sales and maintaining customer service levels.

Features at a glance

  • Live call queue and call management information
  • Unlimited agents, groups, supervisors/managers and wallboards
  • Individually customisable wallboard displays
  • List and supervisor view of agent and group status
  • Login agents from the application
  • Advanced contact centre SLA reports
  • Detailed group and DID/DDI reporting
  • Reports on calls through auto attendant queues
  • Easily configurable alarms including threshold levels and toll fraud

List View – Agents & Groups
The List View provides a live agent & group status screen allowing a supervisor/manager to instantly view and understand how their team is performing. Simple icons display an agent/users current status, i.e. on an inbound/outbound call or logged out. It also displays if any agents are in Break Mode (absence message) and will show the time they have been in that state. Scrolling to the right will reveal multiple columns of data for that user for the day. Any absence messages set on the telephone system or from the Office Solutions “Break Mode” feature, will display the time agents & users have been in that state. The supervisor/manager can right click on an agent/user to log them in or out.

Group, Agent & SLA Performance Reports
In addition to the 140 standard standard call logging reports that are available in CommsOffice Express, there are an additional 77 ACD reports that provide a wealth of valuable information allowing supervisors and managers to report on; site, department, group, agent, extension, trunk, DID/DDI numbers, service level agreement (SLA), account codes or even search for how many times a specific telephone number has called in or been dialled out. The extra ACD reports are essential for reporting on telephone system group and individual agent performance such as; call answer times and call abandonment rates, especially important if all calls are being answered by an auto attendant then passed to a group of users or agents.

Wallboards make busy times easier to manage by providing timely and useful information about the current status of call flow and agent status, allowing supervisors to make informed decisions based on real-time statistics and call loading . You can have unlimited Office Pro wallboards on supervisors PC desktops and on group screens deployed throughout your organisation, providing up to the second status information, improving both performance and team morale.