Call recording used to be the preserve of larger enterprises, but today businesses of all sizes recognise the value of investing in call recording technology; to improve customer service, train their staff, resolve commercial disputes and in many cases adhere to compliance and regulatory standards. Office Voice call recorders offer remarkable value for money and are highly featured but still easy to use. Scroll down for more information or go to download documents


Features at a glance

  • Easily search for, playback and e mail recordings
  • Can be installed on trunks, SIP or extension side
  • Customise QC tests for evaluating agent calls
  • Live screen capture for agent screen recording
  • Add notes or flags to recordings
  • Secure 128 bit encrypted recordings
  • FSA and PCI compliant
  • Manual or automatic pause/resume recording
  • Full audit trails for each recording
  • Scheduled onsite or offsite archiving
  • Includes full Office Xpress Call Reporting
  • UK and US based development, integration and support


Simple but powerful search

Search for calls by entering search criteria such as time, date, telephone number, extension or DID. Additional filters such as duration, notes added to recordings or account codes entered during a call are also available.