CommsOffice Web is the latest addition to the CommsOffice range of reporting, monitoring, recording and CTI software applications.

CommsOffice Web can be deployed:

  • As a new CommsOffice Web installation where users require online browser access
  • Combined with an CommsOffice client-server installation
  • As an upgrade to an existing CommsOffice installation

Users can now access via their web browser an extensive and comprehensive range of telephone system analytics, including call centre monitoring, reporting and voice recording for any size of business.

CommsOffice Web complements the existing CommsOffice client-server range of applications. A single application server with web services provides browser access, which significantly simplifies deployment, user access and ongoing support. Users can now access telephone system analytics and performance related data from anywhere with internet access.

By integrating dedicated web services with the CommsOffice application server and Microsoft SQL database the need for a dedicated web server such as Microsoft IIS is eliminated. This significantly simplifies installation and maintenance of the web services and makes deployment much faster and more cost-effective.

The application server and web services provide a convenient platform allowing either a web-based implementation for users with browser access or a mixed environment of CommsOffice clients with browser access where most appropriate.