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Find, Stream, and Manage 3CX Telephone Voice Recordings

3CX Pro and Enterprise telephone systems provide audio voice recordings for all telephone calls at each extension. Although the 3CX can be configured to allow users to access their voice recordings through their extension telephones, this process has to be configured for each user which is time-consuming and difficult to maintain. If you are a user, supervisor, or manager needing to regularly find and review telephone voice recordings, then this has to be done through the 3CX management console as an administrator.

The CommSoft Recording Manager for 3CX is an intelligent PC audio player application, that enables users, supervisors, and managers to securely and efficiently search, playback, and download any 3CX voice recordings using their PC.  The recording manager requires all users to log on with a username and password ensuring each user can only see and access appropriate telephone recordings. The recording manager application connects to 3CX Debian and Windows telephone system servers using a watcher service, that monitors telephone system recordings. As each new voice recording is made on the 3CX telephone system it appears in the manager window and can be listened to and or downloaded. The recording manager application has features specifically designed for the 3CX system to allow powerful, detailed, and efficient searching of voice recordings. It also significantly simplifies the administration of telephone voice recording access for all 3CX extension users.


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