Coronavirus or not, the key to working from home has become very clear, more than ever before with the mandatory requirement of having to work from home different forms of communication are now essential. As we are all finding out the need to communicate efficiently by voice with your boss, supervisor, colleagues, suppliers, and your customers is now a major part of almost every employee’s daily life. We are just not able to have one to one or group discussion without social distancing.

While some companies have managed at extremely short notice to set up differing levels of home working, we are finding out that this is just the start of a big change in working practices. Levels of communication need to expand and flex to meet the new workloads from hour to hour and day to day. To be able to maintain “business-continuity” during these extremely challenging times, businesses need to be able to monitor and report on levels of communication enabling informed decisions to be taken to ensure products and levels of services remain available, secure, and reliable.

CommSoft is working with its distributors and dealers to help both existing and new customers with business communications continuity. We provide a wide and flexible range of call performance monitoring, reporting and voice recording solutions in flexible services packages structured to help businesses during these unprecedented times. If you require help or need to discuss changes or new requirements for home workers using your telephone system please contact us.  We can:

  • Supply, adjust or expand voice recording to ensure you remain compliant.
  • Modify, adapt and set up wallboards and dashboards to monitor new activity.
  • Supply user, agent, group and device reporting to actively monitor business health and performance.

This valuable data tells you if your employees are active and able to perform and manage functions that are required. It also gives immediate insight into their usage and informs you if action is needed.

We can also provide new or additional products, more licenses, services and support etc., to ensure your workforce can stay productive now and into the future. Whatever your requirements or concerns just call or email to discuss.